FOSS.NITC Field Report

I am back from a weekend at Kozhikkode. It was a nice trip, nice experience and nice learning too. Let me drop my quick field report about FOSS Meet @ NIT Calicut, which we call as foss.nitc.

  • The organizers, students belonging to various branches in NITC, did a very nice job. This is their 3rd year of conducting the FOSS meet and they did show signs of maturity.
  • Though there were initial hiccups in speaker registration and their web site, they managed to have a nice band of speakers.
  • We were accommodated in a nice guest house. Though I was lucky to get a room with A/C and TV, other rooms without those were no less than mine in comfort. But there were few not-so-lucky guys who stayed in the International hostel 😉
  • The food was good on all the 3 days, but eating North Indian food for 3 days made me run with problems.
  • The days were long, starting from 9 a.m. and ending at 10 p.m. Think they can make this something like 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and having open sessions then.
  • We all felt and suggested the need to have some open sessions and more BoFs.
  • There were few troubles with the scheduling such that a few speakers were left with very meager listeners.
  • My talk on Decorators in Python went very well, with a dozen people to listen. We got chairs and sat around. The session went for 1.5 hours.
  • My second talk messed up as I did not really prepare and practice for it. Also, I was in a blank mood after listening to 3 hours of the previous talk 😉 And, whenever I looked the audience, they showed sign of disinterest so I felt like will end with a few topics than what I had planned for.
  • Learnt more info on photography and after seeing Jace with his cam, am more serious about buying a pro cam 😀
  • The past one year had been a great time for me, attending 3 conferences (, Linux Asia and FOSS.NITC). And, I became a speaker in the last one.
  • We have got an invitation from a college near Alleppy for a similar FOSS event sometime in mid August.
  • Wipro had a talk about ‘TV in Mobile’, and they used a Windows system. We took a few snaps of it. But at the end, we were surprisingly called to present the mementos for the Wipro Guys :0
  •  I have decided to really start preparing for talks in future, *I do not want to mess up again!*
  • It was nice meeting some of my #linux-india buddies, though not many could make it.
  • There were more talks and unconferences on Blogging. The first one by Kiruba was all fun, while Jace’s was more informative as well.
  • NIT Calicut has really good facilities, at least for our eyes, comparing to the numerous colleges dotting around Chennai. If am not wrong, it has better facilities than what I have seen in MIT. May be am wrong!?
  • Though I missed being at Carte Blanche this year, especially when we had Ubuntu-India stall there, but I feel content about being at FOSS.NITC and very much looking to be there next year too 🙂
  • My train journey was tiresome, against my hope that second class sleeper will be at least comfortable. I got a slight fever and spent the whole of today sleeping.

I have posted the photos from FOSS.NITC and will try to add more, as well as a lot of my buddies have. Please check under the tag foss.nitc if you are interested. There are really cool pictures, believe me 🙂


2 thoughts on “FOSS.NITC Field Report

  1. Hi,
    Your field report is really very comprehensive… We are working on the feedback of the participants & speakers…We will surely have more BOF and open sessions in the coming meets…Do keep in touch
    Share your ideas/suggestions on


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