First day of talks at FOSS.NITC

Here I blog from the Software Lab of NIT Calicut, at the day end of a day of talks. I had my first talk on a conference delivered. I landed at this place around 8.30 a.m. yesterday. My train came by time and I was picked up from the station and brought down here by a couple of students.

There was Kushal and Praveen when I landed in the guest house, soon joined by Vivek Khurana, who had come by 1 a.m. last night, and finally Pradeepto joined us at 2 p.m. We had a gala time in the room till 5.30 and then moved on to Aryabatta Hall where the conference started.

As usual there was a formal opening ceremony and people speaking. We had Atul Chitnis talking before we left for the dinner. Dinner was really nice, simple yet tasty with icecream+gulab jamun to top everything. We then came back for an Unconference by Kuruba on Blogging.

I was really tired and woke up a bit late around 8 a.m. I prepared a few slides for my talk and along with Pradeepto moved to the conference area. Shakthi was already delivering his talk while Aanjhan was waiting to follow. Then I went to hear Shakthi speaking about Career in Linux. We had lunch then, before Vivek started his talk on CMS.

An important thing at this time of the day was, most people went for the workshop on Wiki and the other speakers merely had a dozen or so guys attending their talks. This includes me, but I turned the thing around and had an informal demo of Python Decorators with a dozen guys around me. I felt better that way and the listeners as well, from the feedback I got from them.

Then we just were hanging over where Shreyas and Tejas were giving their ‘Hacking Evolution” talk which was really a nice one (and a lot of people attended it). I also got a chance to attend the last few mintues of the BoF that Aanjhan and Pramod were organizing. We left for dinner and here am sitting in the lab, checking my mails and writing this blog.

I have another talk on tomorrow. Amarjit is a smart guy, that he was quick to learn and react from today’s experience. He has asked the speakers to tell it to the audience, the first thing to do in the morning, what we are actually going to talk during the day and who is the target audience. I hope I will again have a dozen or two dozen of enthusiastic students hearing to me tomorrow. 🙂

I also got the news from Sudharshan that the Ubuntu-In stall at Carte Blanche 2007 was really a hit. Although there wasn’t an expected amount of turnout this year, what I heard was a good number of people who had come there tried their hands at the Ubuntu boxes in our stalls.

Ooops! I have something left to prepare and its already 11 p.m. I have to rush back to the room and start preparing it. And, no slides for tomorrow for sure. Rather I will use my KJots notes 😉


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