Calicut, here am Coming

My wish to go to somewhere in Kerala is going to come true in another 5 days. After at Bangalore and Linux Asia at Delhi, am going to FOSS.NITC at Calicut. This is another anual FOSS event happening in India, the host being National Institute of Technology at Kozhikkode.

But, the main difference on my side in attending this coference is am not a delegate or a sponsor this time, rather am a __speaker__. Although giving a talk there was at the back of my mind since the day I heard about this event from my buddies, I did not take it seriously because I had no clue of what to talk about.

But a few days back, while I was checking my second round of mails after coming home from office, I was surprised to get a couple of mails asking me to make a talk at the event. Though I had already booked my tickets and was planning about the trip, I never expected me to be a speaker. But, I do not want to miss this opprtunity. The days when I was not ready to stand before an audience and make a speach are gone.

I had a tough time selecting a topic. Everythign from Python, PHP, Networking stuff and many more went through my mind. I also sought the help of a couple of my #l-i buddies to help me select the topic. At last, I got settled with ‘Virtualization with OpenVZ, with ‘Remote X terminals using XDMCP’ as a fall back topic. But, trying to get acquainted with OpenVZ drove me nuts. it was added by a mail from the organizer asking me to choose a topic which am __most__ comfortable with. Thus I had to again do an introspection based on my own capabilities and interests. Therefore, I made a change in topic and propsed the following two,

  • A Dozen Tricks with Unix Tools
  • Python – Decorators, Generaotrs, Lambdas and Iterators, an Introduction

The first one came out at the end of a discussion I had with floyd_n_milan and the second one was actually suggested to me by G0SUB earlier.

With less than a week left to deliver the talk, I am now into full fledged preparation. I started with Decorators yesterday, the original PEP 318 at was a bit confusing at the beginning. So, I was searching for a tutorial or introductory article with simple exaples. Came to the rescue was an article by Siddhartha in his blog, whom I had met during the last ChennaiPy meet. His article is really a good starter for decorators with a pretty good real time example. Digging through the bookmarks of some fellow geeks got me some more articles and tutorials on decorators.

Though I have not fully covered decorators yet, I have done a basic preparation on decorators, generators and lambdas till now. Hope I will complete it within available time.

Catch you all back with the Kozhikkode experience 😉


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