V Day – V as in V(W)aste of Money!!

Here is a small convorsation happened between me and one of my IRC buddy some minutes ago, about spending for V’Day.

<Lap_64> techno_freak, so how was your meeting with the girl
<techno_freak> Lap_64, eh ?
<techno_freak> Lap_64, i never met any girl
<Lap_64> techno_freak, ok so sad
<techno_freak> Lap_64, rather am happy, i need waste my money 😛
<techno_freak> s/need/need not
<Lap_64> techno_freak, yeah
<Lap_64> techno_freak, i spent 5 k today
<techno_freak> Lap_64, :0
<Lap_64> techno_freak, sent some flowers and chocolate
<techno_freak> Lap_64, i did not get anything ? 😛
<Lap_64> techno_freak, sigh 😦
<Lap_64> techno_freak, not to you
<Lap_64> 😛
<Lap_64> techno_freak, norway
<Lap_64> 😀
<techno_freak> Lap_64, *sigh* waste of money 😛
<Lap_64> techno_freak, she sent me things also
<Lap_64> techno_freak, so its ok
<techno_freak> Lap_64, oh.. mutual waste of money.. 😛
<Lap_64> techno_freak, rofl


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