Delhi Chalo!

It was during my 8th standard, sometime in 1997, that I went to the capital of India. It was actually preceded by a high drama. I had my quarter-early exams yet to finish, but the Annual Integration Camp of Bharath Scout association was to start. At that time, I was a more passionate scout than a student. The reason my principal was also a member of scout movement helped in getting permission to take up the exams earlier than my class mates (but with the same question paper and a promise to keep the questions secret). It was a wonderful 2 weeks trip, with 10 days of camping with scouts and guides from all over India and a couple of days of sight seeing in Delhi. A team of 10 people with a scout master, out of which only 3 could speak some Hindi, went to Delhi.

Now, after almost 10 years, am making my next trip to that great city, this time though not as a scout or NCC cadet but as a representative of NRCFOSS. I am going to participate in a highly commercial event, hosted with a title of ‘Linux Asia‘. The weirdest thing about the conference, which has even pissed off a great % of the community, is that it is being sponsored by Microsoft. M$ is called as the ‘Interoperability Partner’ for this event, which has raised too many eyebrows and that’s one thing I will be sniffing max in this event.

If you infer that am looking for this conference, am sorry. I would rather personally prefer to go to Pune for GNUnify or Mumbai for SELF. But, I am taking up orders and making myself to Delhi. But, off late I have hit with a good news. Thanks to the Delhi Linux User Group buddies, its almost sure that there would be a kabab-and-beer meet on 3rd February and I will be meeting many of IRC buddies whom I missed at

Am landing along with two of my colleagues on a day before the event, which spans for 3 days. Then, one of my colleagues will go to Kanpur, while two of use are left in Delhi for a couple of days. On 3rd, I have asked my colleague to go for a day tour to Agra. I have seen Taj in my life and not very much interested to see it again. But for my colleague, this is his first trip and why he got to miss this chance. So, while I will be hanging around with my buddy Nishant, he will enjoy Agra. The final day, I wish to stay in the room and watch TV if there is one. Else hang around the place and get some cool Delhi air.

If you want me to say a word about this trip, its “a week escape to a cold Delhi, before getting fried in hot Chennai summer” 😉 😛