Words of the Day – 10

After a long break, here I am back…

spartan : Adjective : marked by simplicity; avoidance of luxury.

asphyxiate : Verb :  breathing interruption caused by lack of oxygen.

acardian : Adjective : idyllically pastoral, innocent or simple.

tautological : Adjective : redundant; containing  needless repetitions.

euphoric : Adjective : elated.

fiasco : Noun : complete or humilating failure.

crescendo : Noun : climax; peak of a gradual increase; peak of loudness or intensity.

gusto : Noun : vigorous enjoyment; relish;

canard : Noun : false or baseless report; rumour.


BOSS is out!

NRCFOSS‘s prime product, BOSS (Bharath Operating System Solutions), has been released officially by Minister of IT and Communication, during EliteX2007 held in New Delhi last week.

BOSS is a Linux Distribution developed by CDAC team of NCRFOSS. It is said to be made specifically for Indian environment, with support for Indian languages and an enhanced Desktop.

You can know more about BOSS in NRCFOSS’s website and check out the photos taken during the release function in the album. 🙂