Back to FOSS Advocacy

After 2 months of inactivity, the advocacy wave has started again. Its been long time since we visited some college, spoke with the students, tried some brainwashing, etc. Last 2 months had been exam time for them, so we couldn’t go near the colleges. Now, the new semester having started as well as this one is ‘project time’ for final year students, its time again for the hunt.

To start with the season, we made a 2 day trip to Coimbatore. Forunately, its my native place and one of the cities I love to be at. We had a 2 day workshop at Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College in N.G.G.O. Colony, Coimbatore on 5th and 6th January, 2007.

Coimbatore was almost like Bangalore in the climate, damn cold in the morning, when we landed there by 4.15 a.m. And we made our way to Aarvee Hotel near Gandhipuram bus stand. It was almost semi-grandeur, espeicaly the food. We had an A/C in the room but we did not use it because it was already cold. We reached the college around 9.15 and got a warm welcome.

The first thing to make sure was that the projectors worked well with my laptop’s resolution and frequency and surprisingly it worked well. It was a very nice auditorium, with around 250 people capacity (if am not wrong). Raman started the presentation ‘Introduction to FOSS and GNU/Linux’ while I was standing along and moving the sildes. We answered the FAQs together. As we have done this presentation for almost a dozen times, though I had changed few slides, still we know every slide and every word there by heart. And, the FAQs were aways the same.

Then we proceeded with Installation, Kubuntu CD not working and had to proceed with Debian Etch. Showed them some 3D eye candy with beryl and showed them the desktop. Then, we had a very good lunch (with spices that later caused some problem 😉 ). Then I did a presentation on FOSS DBMS and ended the day. We had a good interaction with the faculties from other colleges who had come for the workshop during the lunch break.

The next day started with a slight delay in getting the car and the driver taking us for a tour along the outskirts of kovai, in an endeavour to find the college 😛

Right from the morning, I wasn’t feeling a bit well so asked Raman to take the day’s show. The only presentation I did was ‘Introduction to GUI Dev Tools – Eclipse and Qt Designer’, while Raman did Networking, LTSP, Linux High Availability and a quick into to Perl. I missed my Python and Collaborative Development presentations, also there wasn’t enough time. The workshop ended with Dr.Srinivasan’s speech about NRCFOSS Projects. We were gifted a small momento with a picture of lord ganesha.

We landed back in Chennai on 7th January, Sunday morning. On a whole, it was one another of the satisfactory workshops we have done. And, we hope we will recieve similar invitations from the colleges whose faculty attended this workshop and we can make similar trips to places down south of Tamil Nadu.


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