the typical “lawgon” witt

This happened today in #linux-india and is a perfect example of the typical ‘lawgon’ witt ;)

<lawgon> Sup3rkiddo: one thing i *never* *ever* do is configure my sound card
<lawgon> but in the ibook it is configured by default
<Sup3rkiddo> lawgon: gets configured automatically in my box no matter what distro i have used
* lawgon goes to see if it is configured
<lawgon> aparently it is configured
<lawgon> but i dont get any sound anyway
<Sup3rkiddo> lawgon: must me the mixer setting
<Sup3rkiddo> *be
<carpenterThe> yes, maybe the volume setting is at zero. Happened to me once.
<lawgon> i click test sound and nothing happens
<carpenterThe> lawgon: go to the mixer and see what the volume is set to
<kushal> lawgon, check alsa unmute
<lawgon> 80%
<carpenterThe> ok
<techno_freak> lawgon, check PCM value/state
<lawgon> maybe i need a speaker or two?
<Sup3rkiddo> LOL
* techno_freak guessed this