New Arrivals for December 2006

The month is born and I have got my salary. So, its time to buy a new load of books and I have. Went to Spencers yesterday for a birthday party and as I have landed there a bit early, I went to Landmark. This months new arrival are,

  • the genesis code by john case
  • The Holocraft Covenant by Robert Ludlum
  • The Google Story by David A. Vise
  • Python in a Nutshell by Alex Martelli

2 novels, one fiction and one thriller to quench my thirst this month. I saw some new arrivals under Robert Ludlum, hope I can get hold of a few next month. I have now completed the O’Reilly series for Python. The Google Story was one book I found in my lab and wanted to read very much. Now I have my very own copy. The reality is I haven’t read the books I got last time from LandMark, but everything is on my table and are occassionally brought to my notice 😉 .


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