Words of the Day – 9

angst : Noun : fear or anxious feeling.

hinterland : Noun : a remote place, far away from the coast or a city.

blitz : Verb: a swift attack by air.

pilsner : Noun : a light beer with a strong hops flavour.

schmaltzy : Adjective : over sentimental.

spiel : Verb : speaking rapidly and extravagantly.

wunderkind : Noun : a child prodigy.

verboten : Adjective : forbidden.

putsch : Noun : political revolt

torte : Noun : a cake made of breadcrumbs and nuts.

kaffeeklatsch : Noun : an informal gathering accompanied by coffee.

doppelganger : Noun : look alike of a person.

ersatz : Adjective : artificial, inferior sustitute.

zeitgeist : Noun : trend; cultural spirit.

schadenfreude : Noun : pleasure on other’s misfortune.


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