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Sometimes we surprisingly get to know some nice software. The world is becoming more and more web oriented than desktop oriented. The things which are done is desktop has become online services like bookmarks, address books, why even presentation and word processing softwares are available as web tools. One such tool is online albums. When I say this, the first thing to come to your mind are either flickt or yahoo/google albums.

But what about one album which you can host in your own web site, if you have one ? It was during the discussion about FOSS softwares being developed by Indians, in the mailing list, it got mentioned about Gallery. I immediately checked out the web site of gallery project. it seemed woth a try. I checked whether I have it in my ubuntu repos and surprisingly it did. There are two versions gallery1 and gallery2, I went for the latter.

The advantage of using apt is that, we neither need to worry about dependencies as well as configurations. 90% things are taken care by it mostly, and rarely it needs some tweaking. I went for an apt-get install of gallery2 package, which also installed libnetpbm10, netpbm and wwwconfig-common packages along with it.

The package got installed in /usr/share/gallery2, while I had to actually access it as a web service. So, I wanted it to be in /var/www/ rather, which is supposed to be my DocumentRoot. I asked this in #gallery-support but did not get a contempting answer. At last, my buddies in #linux-india came to help and suggested to have symbolic link of it in DocumentRoot. This actually worked out and when I accessed `http://localhost/gallery2`, the installation and setup screen opened up in my browser window.

Ok, then walk through the 7 step process and you get your online album service before you. You need Apache2 and either MySQL or PostgreSQL installed.Obviously it works on other webservers and OS as well.

The Gallery main page shows you all available galleries/albums. You can create as many albums and sub-albums as you want. You can modify settings and appearance of the albums and sub-albums individually. If you are on a network, then you can make this service available to other also. I tried it out in my personal laptop and just running it in ‘admin’ mode. In real use, we need to create user accounts for individual users. These is also provisions for large scale user management, which is available as optional modules during installation. If you are doing an installation in stand-alone machine, better install only modules pertaining to your needs and not all those which is available.

There are two things which may trouble you during installation.

  1. You need to copy a text file login.txt, which contains a key generated by the gallery app itself, and copy it to your installation directory (/usr/share/gallery2).
  2. You need to change the value of maximum memory limit in your php.ini file, which is in /etc/php5/apache2 directory. In addition or alternate to this, is to create a .htaccess file in your /usr/share/gallery2 containing the following line,

php_value memory_limit 20M

This is by default set to 8M, which is not sufficient. The suggested value is 16M or above and I have given 20M.

Also, when you create an user account, the confirmation mail will be sent and for it we need a mail service such as sendmail installed, configured and working. Else, it results in an error and the user account is not created.

Here are a few screenshots of the Gallery…

The main album page

Main Page of Gallery2 Album

Individual albums inside view

Sub-albums view

View of a single photo, where the properties of the photo are shown below the photo.

Individual Photo view


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