Last thursday, I was on the train ‘Lal bagh Express’ leading towards the city of Bangaluru. It was my journey to Bangalore after an year, the last time I was there being to attend the test at MRO-Tek. I had moved to 3 different jobs then, am in my 3rd job now. I was carrying those memories with me, trying to retrieve my kannada vocabulary, which I enjoy inheriting from my father, whose mother tongue is kannada.

This time I was not for any interviews or tests, but was for few good days in life. I was going for it was something which had been a buzz word for a few weeks now. Many were looking eagerly for it. The most important thing which drew people towards it was an opportunity to meet people. We have been acqauinted with one another through IRC channels for some time now and we wanted to match names to faces. This was one opportunity for that. Apart from that, there were some cool talks scheduled. was formally openned up on 24th Novemember 2006. It was held at JN Tata Auditorium in Indian Institute of Science, Bangaluru. This is the first time am been to as well as a nation wide event, participated by international figures. I was there, in the early morning (8 am is supposed to be early morning in Bangaluru 😛 ). We had been planning for a few days on how to reconize one another, where to meet, etc. And thankfully when I was lurking around, Kushal came there. With his help I got my passes (and for my team too). Slowly one by one started joining in, Pradeepto, Bharkha, Anurag, Roshan aka Ubunturos, and Shrikarnt. I also met Devdas (f3ew), Taj, PowerPork, t3rmin4t0r, kartik, tazz and many others. I really had a good time matching names with faces 😀

Ok, will have a quick look around about my 3 days…

Day 1:

The openning keynote address by Suparna Bhattacharya, about minimalistic development method followed among the Linux Kernel Developers.

Web Development in Common Lisp by Vamsee Kanakala. He is a Chennai LUG member too and one of the guys I was acqauinted with. It was really a nice talk, though he stumbled on some errors during the demonstration.

Solving the fundamental structural problem in free software by Andrew Cowie. It was one of the best talks I had heard. He really made audience enjoy the talk and for the first time, I blogged it live into my live journal pages.

The day ended with the above keynote address. We had got the delegate kit, a nice cotton bag and a ultra-kewl mug with embossed on it.

Later, our gang (me, pradeepto, devmodem, kushal, n3oo3n, baks) went to a keralite restaurant and ate appams with aviyal and kuruma. Kushal had got his new Lenovo laptop and spent his whole night tweaking it in Fedora 😉

Day 2:

The day started with Aaron Seigo openning up with the keynote address, a talk on KDE4 and the exciting new things which are available with it.

I really missed the talk of Rasmus on Getting rich with PHP.

After lunch, we had a KDE-In BoF. We discussed about what we need to make more people embrace KDE, how to help people who want to start with KDE development, how to make kde-in more active and many more things. As most of us was acqainted with Aaron, we could talk more things freely.

It was immediately followed by FOSS in Education BoF. It was actually intended to be concentrating more on streamlining the activities of NRCFOSS, with inputs from the FOSS community. But, it rather stayed in very low levels of computers in schools. Hope, we discussed much serious things :s

The closing keynote was a panel of prominant FOSS faces in India, compered by Thaths. There weresome hot discussions and wide range of topics discussed.

I stayed at Dushyant’s (derek[]) place for the night, where we watched the Code movie in my laptop.

Day 3:

The openning keynote was a really informative talk on ‘Impact of Patents and Copyright Laws in India on FOSS’. There was an active participation from the audience as well as Sunil Abraham was very informative.

Kartik Mistry’s talk on ‘How to become an Indian Debian Developer’ was another nice one to attend. It had some interesting information about contributing to the Debian development and packaging for Debian.

Priti Patil, of CDAC Mumbai, talked on the Janabhaaratii Project, which deals on making a Distribution with 100% localization support in Marathi.

After lunch, Aaron Seigo talked about KDE4 development. It dealt with developing GUIs with KDE4, how and where to get help, etc.

Sirtaj Singh (Taj) talked about the Qt Graphics View.

The best talk I had heard in my life was the closing keynote on Chaos Computer Club by Tim Pritlove. There was 3 mind blowing videos, revealing the misunderstood lives of the Hacker community.

The curtains of 2006 fell down with a closing ceremony headed by Atul Chitnis. And, I made my way back home later that night by train.

I have uploaded some photos on my flickr as well as more pictures are available in flickr, which has photos from all those who have uploaded there.


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