Words of the Day – 8

Back, after a long time, here comes a dose of English words.

acrimonious : Adjective : caustic; stinging; bitter in nature.

Variants: acrimoniously (adverb), acrimoniousness (noun).

petulant : Adjective : showing sudden, impatient irritation.

Variants: petulantly (adverb).

Synonyms: irritable, peevish, fretful, touchy.

farting : Verb : fooling around; fritter time away.

Variants: (noun) fart – audible discharge of intestinal gas.

contempt : Noun : feeling of considering everything to be mean and worthless; state of being dishonored or despised; act of showing disrespect.

Synonyms: aversion, despite, disesteem, disregard, indignity, malice, ridicule, scorn.

yank : Verb : remove or pull vigorously or abruptly.

Synonyms: pull, pluck, tear.

alibi : Noun : an excuse from blame :: verb : to give an excuse, to make use of something to get out or rid of something.

flake : Noun : a small piece or mass; a small, thin, flat piece.

Variants: flaker (noun), flakeless (adjective).

obsessive : Adjective : being to obsession.

obsession : Noun : one’s feeling or thoughts being dominated by some idea or desire; preoccupation of mind with unwanted fear or emotion.

Synonyms: bug,craze, crush, delusion, infatuation, jones, mania, phantom, phobia.


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