GNU/Emacs 23 Snapshots

Been using emacs from the day I started to use my Linux box. First it was all ‘Greek and Latin’, rather felt Gedit was much more easier to use. But once I started coding, I felt the need of a really good editor. There were two choices, Emacs & Vi. I felt the CTRL + keys method of emacs to be more comfortable than ‘command mode – insert mode’ in Vi. From that day 1, been using emacs21. And today, tried a snapshot of emacs23. I know what people might be reacting to this “w00t!?”, again notice the ‘snapshot’ in my statement. Yes, Baishampayan Ghose or G0SUB led me to this peep into the future experience. Got the chance to explore and experience something which is going to be there in the future.

This time, I put it down in an interesting and lively manner – the Cause, the Effort and the Outcome of my endeavour. Here we go..

The Cause: (Location: #ubuntu-in @

<G0SUB> techno_freak: do you use GNU Emacs?
<techno_freak> G0SUB: I do
<G0SUB> techno_freak: in that case, you are welcome to use my specially built version of GNU EMacs
<techno_freak> 🙂
<techno_freak> thats great
<G0SUB> it has a lifetime guarantee & 2 years free maintenance
<techno_freak> oh ok
<G0SUB> haha
<G0SUB> techno_freak: it looks a bit like this
* techno_freak fires FF
* techno_freak doesn’t want a black background in Emacs
<G0SUB> techno_freak: it’s not about a black bg
<G0SUB> techno_freak: look at the fonts. there is no difference between the fonts in emacs & gnome terminal
<techno_freak> G0SUB: I just said that
<techno_freak> ya i agree
<techno_freak> Emacs 23 😕
<techno_freak> w00t
<G0SUB> techno_freak: yes, 23
<techno_freak> G0SUB: where do I get it ?
<techno_freak> can I have both this and emcs21 ?
<techno_freak> s/emcs/emacs
<G0SUB> techno_freak: yes
<G0SUB> techno_freak: mine is a modified version of emacs-snapshot package
<G0SUB> techno_freak: you can have it with emacs21
<techno_freak> oh ok

The Effort:

Download the below file and untar the folder which contains the .debs.

(Location: #ubuntu-in @
Oct 19 14:44:57 <techno_freak> G0SUB: I have downloaded the file, how do I install it i.e. where do I untar it ?
Oct 19 14:45:25 <G0SUB> techno_freak: those are debian packages
Oct 19 14:45:39 <G0SUB> techno_freak: untar anywhere and sudo dpkg -i *.deb
Oct 19 14:45:49 <techno_freak> ok
Oct 19 14:47:29 <G0SUB> techno_freak: if it fails midway, apt-get -f install will fix it
Oct 19 14:47:40 <techno_freak> ok 🙂

Location: Terminal @ My Linux Laptop)
technofreak@dapper:~$ cd Apps/
technofreak@dapper:~/Apps$ cd emacs-xft-debs/
technofreak@dapper:~/Apps/emacs-xft-debs$ sudo dpkg -i *.deb
Selecting previously deselected package emacs-snapshot.
(Reading database … 171680 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking emacs-snapshot (from emacs-snapshot_20061008-1_i386.deb) …
Selecting previously deselected package emacs-snapshot-bin-common.
Unpacking emacs-snapshot-bin-common (from emacs-snapshot-bin-common_20061008-1_i386.deb) …
Selecting previously deselected package emacs-snapshot-common.
Unpacking emacs-snapshot-common (from emacs-snapshot-common_20061008-1_all.deb) …
Selecting previously deselected package emacs-snapshot-el.
Unpacking emacs-snapshot-el (from emacs-snapshot-el_20061008-1_all.deb) …
Selecting previously deselected package emacs-snapshot-gtk.
Unpacking emacs-snapshot-gtk (from emacs-snapshot-gtk_20061008-1_i386.deb) …
Selecting previously deselected package emacs-snapshot-nox.
Unpacking emacs-snapshot-nox (from emacs-snapshot-nox_20061008-1_i386.deb) …
Setting up emacs-snapshot-common (20061008-1) …

Setting up emacs-snapshot-el (20061008-1) …

Setting up emacs-snapshot-bin-common (20061008-1) …

Setting up emacs-snapshot-gtk (20061008-1) …
emacs-install emacs-snapshot

…. <snip>

Setting up emacs-snapshot-nox (20061008-1) …
emacs-snapshot flavor installation already done, skipping…

Setting up emacs-snapshot (20061008-1) …
emacs-snapshot flavor installation already done, skipping…

technofreak@dapper:~/Apps/emacs-xft-debs$ cd ..
technofreak@dapper:~/Apps$ cd ..
technofreak@dapper:~$ emacs-snapshot
technofreak@dapper:~$ emacs-snapshot-gtk –enable-font-backend

The Outcome: (Location: #ubuntu-in @

Oct 19 14:49:05 <techno_freak> G0SUB: done
Oct 19 14:49:26 <techno_freak> how do i start it, emacs23 ?
Oct 19 14:49:49 <techno_freak> or emacs-snapshot ?
Oct 19 14:51:25 <G0SUB> techno_freak: /usr/bin/emacs-snapshot-gtk –enable-font-backend
Oct 19 14:52:20 <techno_freak> G0SUB: i just types emacs-snapshot and it opened 😀
Oct 19 14:53:22 <G0SUB> techno_freak: yes, but it won’t enable the anti-aliased fonts
Oct 19 14:53:30 <techno_freak> ya, saw that
Oct 19 14:53:33 <techno_freak> 🙂
Oct 19 14:55:35 <G0SUB> techno_freak: but, to use ood fonts, add this to your ~/.emacs
Oct 19 14:55:44 <G0SUB> s/odd/good
Oct 19 14:56:04 <techno_freak> ok
Oct 19 14:56:12 <G0SUB> (set-default-font “Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-7.5”)
Oct 19 14:56:22 <G0SUB> (set-default-font “Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-8”)
Oct 19 14:56:30 <G0SUB> 7.5 may be too small for you
Oct 19 14:56:43 <G0SUB> or even use 9 or 10
Oct 19 14:57:02 <techno_freak> will try it out, which ever looks fine, i am comfortable with small fonts generally
Oct 19 14:58:14 <G0SUB> techno_freak: try now 🙂
Oct 19 14:58:30 <techno_freak> trying 🙂
Oct 19 14:59:42 <techno_freak> G0SUB: error: “Font `Bitstream Vera Sans Mono-7.5′ is not defined”
Oct 19 14:59:54 <G0SUB> techno_freak: –enable-font-backend
Oct 19 15:00:00 <techno_freak> oh ok
Oct 19 15:00:11 <techno_freak> i tried that one in emacs21 :s
Oct 19 15:00:17 <G0SUB> bah
Oct 19 15:00:24 <G0SUB> emacs21 will bork at that
Oct 19 15:00:30 <techno_freak> it showed me errors
Oct 19 15:00:32 <techno_freak> ok
Oct 19 15:00:38 <Casanova> G0SUB: ?
Oct 19 15:00:38 <techno_freak> it looks good in yours 🙂
Oct 19 15:00:47 <techno_freak> and 7.5 is fine with me
Oct 19 15:01:43 <techno_freak> G0SUB: can i create a symlink for `/usr/bin/emacs-snapshot-gtk –enable-font-backend` as a whole, like emacs23 or so ?
Oct 19 15:02:04 <techno_freak> or everytime i got to give than –enable-font-backend ?
Oct 19 15:02:07 <G0SUB> techno_freak: you can write a bash script and put it in ~/bin/


4 thoughts on “GNU/Emacs 23 Snapshots

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  2. emacs-snapshot is not Emacs 23, but Emacs 22. What will become Emacs 23 is mostly the unicode-2 branch in the CVS. That is not packaged in emacs-snapshot.

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