The fresh smell of new books..

The question many people ask is why do I spend money on buying *new* books. I just reply them, “I hate the old smell of second hand books, but like the fresh smell of new books”. Its pretty simply reply but true. Right from the days I started buying books, I loved to have a fresh new copy. Generally I got used ones, especially when I was in first 2 years of college. My sister gave me almost all books for 1st year and I managed second year with what I got from my brother and others from my sister. But, from the 3rd year I had to buy books because I had no one to get me books. I did get from a few seniors, but I had to return them at the end of the semester, rather I preferred to have them for ever.

Thus, was born the habit of buying new books. But, I had to depend on my parents to get me some and I can’t be troubling them with big bills. So, I used to take xerox most of the times using the books borrowed from my friends and if I did find some really good book then I used to pester my dad to get me, which he used to fulfill in the same day itself (aah, what a wonderful dad naa ?!).

Other than these academic books, I also got the habit of reading novels, mainly passed down by my sister. She was a great book-freak. She used to read loads, she used to stay awake whole nights for finishing the novels. This did create some interest inside me on reading books. But I wasn’t an active reader, I just read because I didn’t want to fall behind. When people spoke about novels they read, I didn’t want to be an odd-man-out. But, I never went to a book shop and picked one book which I felt like reading. Also, my dad was a member of local library and hence, I had a constant supply of books whenever I felt like reading.

It started all just a year ago that I decided to become an active reader, actually aimed to improve my linguistic standards. Once I got into it, I could never come out. I needed books, one after another. And I got into this bad habit of love-for-new-book. My collection doesn’t include just academic books and novels, it also includes lots of computer books.

Ahem.. Ok, tracing back to my route to the intention of this post, I went to Landmark in Spencers Plaza today and bought my due of ‘one small load of books’. I needed a book on JavaScript to prepare for the presentation on Monday as well as thats the only book am not having in my collection of “Web Development” books. When am in Landmark, how can I return with just one book in hand ? So, here is my list of fresh smelling books..

  • JavaScript, The complete reference by Powell Schneider (Tata McGraw hill)
  • CSS, The Definitive Guide by Eric.A.Meyer (O’Reilly Publications)
  • The Awakening of Intelligence by J.Krishnamurti
  • Desperation by Stephen King (Thriller)
  • The Janson Directive by Robert Ludlum (My Fav. Author for Fiction)
  • The Paris Option by Robert Ludlum and Gayle Linds

Two techy, one philosophical, one thriller and two fiction – This will last for another couple of months before I again visit to pick up my next load of fresh smelling paperbacks. 😉


One thought on “The fresh smell of new books..

  1. Even I like the fresh smell of new books 🙂

    Whenever some book gets old, I give it to someone & buy a fresh copy 😀

    Never knew you read Krishnamurti!

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