Indentifying Bharathi !

Suddenly tuxmaniac started copy-pasting something on our Private Message in IRC, a few mintues ago. It was a conversation going on in the channel ##hurd. One of the channel mates, ams (Alfred M. Szmidt – ) had received a CD by mail today. when he opened it up, he was surprised to see it was in a language which he had no clue of. But he could identify the Indian Flag printed over it. Other than this, he could find a few things in English, “CDNF 14734 COMPACT disc DIGITAL AUDIO”, “MADE IN INDIA”, “SEE INLAY CARD FOR DETAILS”, “(P) & (C) 2000 SAREGAMA INDIA LTD” and finally this “Vol. 1″.

More than this, he was able to describe the picture on the CD cover like this, ” There is a flag above the whole, the indian flag.”, “On the right of it is a face of a man.”, “With a turban, a dot on his head, and a muschtace.” and “On the left is a statye, female looking, no idea which one.”.

Prior to this description, we had a doubt whether it was ‘Vande Mataram’ as it could be possibly what an Indian will gift some one. A bit of searching by me and trying to show him how ‘vande mataram’ is written in hindi didn’t fetch anything good. He also tried to install hindi fonts and try reciprocate what he was as title in the CD.

But, once he told us about the image in the face of the CD, I quickly googled and showed him a photo of ‘Mahakavi Bharathi’. He was quick to inform it was the same pic. Ahh, he had received a copy of Bharathiar’s songs, probably patriotic due to the presence of tricolor and Bharath Matha (see the last point in the description).

Finally, after breaking our heads to solve this mystery, we did end up finding it to be a well known Tamil Poet. Now, ams has got interested in knowing about Bharathi as well as installing Tamil font, typing the title of the CD and showing us. He also said he will try to hear the songs when he gets access to a CD player, hope he likes them 🙂


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