Glimpses from the Bustling Metroplois – 2 “Impatience”

Impatience – lack of patience, restlessness, intolerance of delays and hindrances.

This time, am going to expose you to often observed impatience prevailing amongst the present generation, especially a majority of school/college going youth.

If you have been in conversation with me in the past couple of months, you would have very well known that I go a bit early to my office than normal office goers. I started with catching the 6.30 am bus, but off late had been a bit lethargic that I had to either catch the 7.10 am bus or the 7.50 am bus. Whatever, I make sure I am in the bus stop between 7.00 am to 7.15 am, so I catch either of these 2 buses. When I am early enough to be there by 7, I meet up with a lean guy who is studying in some college in Tambaram. This guy (call him Mr.Lean for ease of use) Mr.Lean tries to catch the 7.10 am bus. But, the fact is that the maximum probability of the 7.10 bus turning at around the expected time is a bit low, often it comes early by 6.50 right after the 6.40 bus or never comes.

I had been facing a bad omen, whenever I go early (sometimes even by 6.50 am) to catch this bus, it never comes that I am made to wait till 7.50. And, this Mr.Lean, comes around 7.05 am to the bus stop. Right from the time he arrives at the bus stop he never stands at one place. He can be often located peeping at the long stretch of the road to our right, standing in the middle of the road. He will constantly move around the bus stop. It used to remind us those times in my 4th and 5th standard at my school, when we had only one toilet for boys for that floor (we can’t go the other floor’s toilet, sorry!), so when the break is on we often used to have a long queue of guys in awkward postures waiting for his chance. and most of the boys (including me sometimes) used to walk here and there, not standing at a place :P. This Mr.Lean does a similar thing, despite the cause being different – “He is waiting for the bus”.

If you had been accompanying me daily, for at least a week or two , then you will very well know that the bus comes either between 7.10 to 7.15 am or never. Despite this common fact which every one knows, this guys shows high degree of impatience. He goes near the door of every bus that comes, especially 5E which goes till 1/4 th of the our route, that sometimes the bus waits for him to get in and having waited for sometime and this guy not getting in, it moves on. The more funny thing is, he waits till 7.40 and catches a bus that takes him no near what 5E would have taken him. Considering the frequency of 5E, I guess it will be better to take this bus rather than something which takes us half the distance where 5E can take us. And, if he has waited for 10 more minutes he would have got 18M (mostly you will get a seat) and it directly takes us to our destination.

Ok, I know what you are going to ask, “Is just a single guy makes you complain about the majority of youth?”. This was the most probable example I could give. There are many. There are people who very well know when the bus comes, wait for it till its almost the time for the bus and at last resort to catch a break-of-journey route bus.

Another instant, which actually got me the idea of posting this topic is this: Three college kiddos got into the bus in the afternoon along with me (time was around 2.30 pm). People very well know that white board buses stop at every stopping and also that 18M has only white-board buses. Two of these kids (college going kids) were intended to go till Ashok Pillar, where most of the buses go (pass through). But, inspite of knowing all these facts they got into the 18M and sat right behind me. Right from the time the bus left chrompet, these guys started cribbing about stopping at every stopping, that the conductor got fed up and politely told them it was a white-board bus and it was intended to stop at every stopping. Despite this cribbing didn’t stop. They started calculating what time it will reach the destination, to an incredible results of one hour minimum. Their comment was, “Will the bus reach Pillar by 5 pm, my girl friend will be waiting at home”. Most of us felt “Eh? Who’s waiting!?”. Ok, i agree these are immature kids who doesn’t know what to talk, especially in a public bus with a pitch as good as the person in a vehicle next to us can hear. But still, the maximum time the bus takes to move from vadapalani to Tambaram itself is 1.5 hours max, and in the afternoon time it fairly reaches less than an hour.

There were many such instances I have met in my life in the past few months, that put me into writing this post. Why do these young bloods have such high levels of impatience when they have to observe and display the exact opposite to learn and make them face with the odds of their lives ?! I leave the question open for you… 🙂


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