Long Live CLI !! (CD Burning with CLI)

Whenever I tell non-FOSS people about Linux, the first question they ask me is “Does Linux have a GUI?” or a slight variant, “Isn’t Linux all command line?” Mostly, I don’t asnwer in words. I rather show them my laptop and ask them try moving around. The next thing they mostly ask me is, “How to install this on my computer?” 🙂

But, right from my own Linux guru, many have emphasised exposure and proficiency in CLI (Command Line Interface). Right from the day I started learning to work around in Linux, I always felt it nice to use the terminal to do some basic things. But, I haven’t really used some utility in CLI other than working in Vi in the terminal.

Today, I had a guy from HCL who had been asking for a copy of Dapper Drake and I had asked him to get it burnt from me. He came today in the after noon. The first mistake I did was that I forgot to copy an iso image of the Ubuntu CD to my system. I was in a hurry as I can’t make him wait for too long.

I fired up K3b, from the terminal, and copied an iso image to my home directory. It took some 15 mins to create the iso image of a 698 MB disk. Then, with all enthusiasm, I inserted the empty CD the guy gave me and tried to burn the iso image into the CD. What I got was that an error message that i do not have write permissions over the CD R/W drive. It asked me to check some k3b setup where I had no clue to give the drive a write permission for k3b to work.

I ran to #linux-india and codemarauder (IRC Nick) was there to help me 🙂 He told me how to burn the iso images using the “cdrecord” command. I fired up a terminal and started issuing commands..

technofreak@dapper:~$ sudo cdrecord dev=/media/cdrom0 speed=4 -v Downloads/k3b_0.iso

It resulted in an error saying “/media/cdrom0” was a dir. Then, on his advice i did,

technofreak@dapper:~$ sudo cdrecord -scanbus

This showed my CD RW drive to be dev 1,0,0. Then, I modified the cdrecord command and fired it once again,

technofreak@dapper:~$ sudo cdrecord dev=1,0,0 speed=4 -v Downloads/k3b_0.iso

This time, it was all fine and it asked me whether i can proceed with the write action. I agreed and it started. As I was burning a 698 MB image at 4X speed, it took some 15 minutes. I felt that I should have atleast given a 8X speed. Atlast, after 50 mintues of activity I got one hot copy of Ubuntu Dapper Drake on my hand and it brought smiles in the guys face. Won’t it be, he showed patience for around an hour to get it in his hands. Community, lets welcome another Ubuntero on board !! 😉

Remember, CLI can really help you out at times. So, never neglect learning to work with command line. “Know both the ways (GUI and CLI), let situation decide which will serve the purpose better” is the moral of this experience! B-)


3 thoughts on “Long Live CLI !! (CD Burning with CLI)

  1. you need to run k3b as root the first time it is around. I think it prompted you about this, because you upgraded to edgy.

    just run sudo k3bsetup once to set it right 🙂 Long live GUI!

  2. Its nice to know CLI in Linux,can save lot of time.
    Most of the ppl afraid put their hand into it but in Chennai ppl started installing in new units,especially small firms.

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