Semma Reply!

Its been happening for quite sometime, that people have been asking to be removed from the ilugc mailing list. Though every mail send to the subscribers contains a link for unsubscribing, not many look into that. We people get so much annoyed of such people continuously pestering us.

It happened again this time and to my surprise, got one fantastic reply from a buddy, here it is…

On 9/25/06, Support <> wrote:

please dont send me the mails

There are two ways to go about doing this:

a. you can contact our support team to get your id removed
from our mailing list. we charge $1000 per id for this service.
( visa and mastercard accepted, option available for paypal)


b. You can follow the instructions at the footer of every email
from this mailing list. this process is free of charge.


ROTFLOL!! Saha, fantastic reply!! Kudos!! 🙂

And here again, Raja ‘the superman’ has added something 😉

As a permium service, for a low one time fee of $699, we can also
ensure that your email ID never gets included in our mailing list
in the future*.

* Terms and conditions apply.

– Raja

Man, can a mailing list get entertaining than this ?! 😀


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