Channel Op Kicks Himself Out!!

Have you ever seen a channel Op kicking himself out of the channel ?! Here is tuxmaniac kicking himself out from #ubuntu-in! How frustrated he should have been… 😦

ChanServ gives channel operator status to tuxmaniac
<tuxmaniac> techno_freak>
<techno_freak> tuxmaniac:
<techno_freak> tuxmaniac: yes mr. channel opp
<techno_freak> op*
<tuxmaniac> 😐 at the cost of Mr. Nice Guy G0SUB
<techno_freak> 😦
* basanta (n=basanta@ has joined #ubuntu-in
* indranil_ has quit (“Leaving”)
* S1NGH (n=xavier@ has left #ubuntu-in
* basanta has quit (“Leaving”)
* tuxmaniac has kicked tuxmaniac from #ubuntu-in (Get lost into the real world. Its fscking boring)

Urgh, sorry to those who didn’t udnerstand a bit of this! This is something which happened in Internet Relay Chat, which you wouldn’t have heard of if you were never into Open Source world. Its pretty much like messenger chat service, but its like a open room where people can join over the discussion. All you need is a nick and some basic idea about hanging around in IRC. Am sorry, if its still a bit geeky to you. Its indeed intended to add some geekiness to my blog 😉

Let Google explain it to you…

Internet Relay Chat. A live chat area of the Internet in which real-time conversations among two or more people take place via special software. Each specific IRC channel begins with a # and is dedicated to a different area of interest. IRC is considered another part of the technology of the Internet the same way FTP, Telnet and the Web are.

If you still don’t have a clue… err.. forget it. Its just another post! 😐


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