Glimpses from the “Bustling” Metropolis – 1

Been thinking about starting a series to catch the glimpses of the city I dwell, its citizens and how our lives move along with time. From now on, “Glimpses of the Bustling Metropolis” will stand as a portrayal of the world around me. It will report on what my eyes see, what my ears hear and what my heart feels about happenings which this human soul is exposed to.

Everday morning I rush to the bus stop, a 7 minute walk from my home, to catch one of the early morning bus enroute to my laboratory. The reason for me to go to work at such an early hour is that, as the sun rises up so does the crowd in the buses. The bus I usually catch comes to my bus stop any time between 6.30 AM and 6.50 AM. So, I have to make sure am before the minimum time value.

Its been a well known rule that if you are travelling in early mornings, please take some change to buy the tickets. Because, probably you will be getting into a bus which is on its first trip for the day and hence, the conductor will have no change with him. But, is it possible to have change at all times. Leaving out exception circumstances, think of those people who have such one as a routine, like me. The fact is, until people give the conductor some change he will not have change. But, when you have to do otherwise most conductors are humble enough to ask you to collect your change back before you get down in your respective stops. Hope you would have got an idea of what my first glimpse is going to be ?!

There are certain humans on earth, who will get into an early morning bus and with all pride give a 20 Rs note for buying a 2 Rs ticket. Urgh, won’t this make the conductor lose his cool. It does. Adding to this are people, who inspite of giving a 10 Rs note for a 2 Rs ticket, will cribb that the conductors are irresponsible for not giving them immediate change. In this issue, I rather support the poor conductors. My opinion is that, when you know that you are going to need 2 Rs to buy a ticket and its a daily morning requirement, why don’t you get change for a month or two from the bank. Why piss off the conductor who had just begun his day and he has to see more blockheads like you ? I personally make sure that I carry enough change for the day, even 50p coins to render exact change of 4 Rs 50 paisa for my travel. Once I get my salary, the first thing I do is to convert atleast a 1000 Rs into various denominations (Rs 10, 5, 2, 1 and 50p).

So, what’s the moral of the sotry !? Before tagging some one to be irresponsible, we must make sure that we are a bit responsible (citizens or humans). We complain that condutors are rude. But, instances like these justify them to have lost their politeness. If you are a routine traveller and you do know how much you will need for your tickets, please take proper change! 🙂


One thought on “Glimpses from the “Bustling” Metropolis – 1

  1. Nee seriyana Chilra payyan da 😛

    “Before tagging some one to be irresponsible, we must make sure that we are a bit responsible “
    Completely Agree! 🙂

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