Sterling Showcase

On the evening of 18th August 2006, when we were returning from Jaya Engineering College, we weren’t 100% confident that the show is going to be satisfactory. What we wanted to prevent this time, doing things in the last minute, did happen. Our main worry was, many of them hadn’t finished even the installations. We wanted them to teach a lot and train a lot, which remained almost unfull-filled.

But, when I am scribbling this on my blog on the monday afternoon am very much satisfied. They proved that they can manage to put up an excellent show, even though they did things at the last minute. If you ask me to rank them on a 10-point scale, it will be atleast a ‘8’ 🙂

If you are still wondering what am I talking about, it is the ‘Linux Demo Day’ at Jaya Engineering College, which hapenned this weekend. They had christened it was ‘FLOSSAGE’06’. With more than 150 students volunteering to try their vocal chords for a couple of days, explainin a wide flavour of visitors about FLOSS and their own specialized topics in Open Source, it was expected to be a great show. For us, it was an opportunity to correct the very few mistakes we allowed to errupt during a similar LDD at Arunai Engineering College, almost 6 months back.

I have to add both sugar and salt to my culmination about this event. Sugars come first – students managed to live up to our expectations by indeed putting some effort, they managed to keep the enthusiasm on for 2 days (16 hours), the arrangements were simply superb with more a professional look to the stalls and though there were some technical hitches, the show went smooth both the days.

Am afraid, the salt will be a bit more 😛 First, students din’t do their homeworks (urgh, which student likes to do homeworks 😉 ). What I mean by homework is, trying to find out things on their own, learn more upon their own interest rather than seeking some spoon-feeding. We were there to start things 2 weeks before the actual show and we expected a bit more effort from the students. Second thing which we had as a complain was, they were still not confortable to install and try things in their home machine. Even after we doing atleast a dozen installations, making them do the installations on their own in the labs, still they weren’t ready to try their hands on and explore. The Arunai students out-weighed them in this aspect.

My personal expeirence adds more salt, they weren’t interacting with us, in the extent and manner they should have. I got the first mail from them only on friday, while we visited them the weekend before that. This was the same story the next week to, I was getting mails only a day before we were to go there. This showed that they weren’t working on anything.

Let me stop cribbing about the ignorant newbies now and talk about things I can really appreciate. I have to give my highest scores to those who took up networking related topics. Everybody knows its a bit of pain in the a** to make things work, especially when they don’t have any previous idea about them. My kudos to LTSP, Networking, Clustering and other similar teams. Next I will put the DBMS team, Web server team (fortunately they won the so called ‘best stall’), OS Developement tools, Graphics and Visualization team. Falling next in the line is my very own trained Web development team (failed to use all my techiness), kernel team (din’t learn how to compile even a hello world example), Desktop team, SVN team(they din’t install until half of the first day was over, we had to use our lappy for their purpose), and others. There were 28 stalls and most of them had done a good work. The gaming stall was asked to explain about the gaming development but rather used a X-box to display some gaming. Similarly, Open Office guys were showing everything on a presentation while something live with OO would have fetched them a better of our appreciation.

Am not any way criticizing them, as I very well know they are pretty new to FLOSS and it had been ‘greek-n-latin’ for them in the start. Still, my comments are made considering them as (future) professionals. They need to put in more efforts if they wish to learn and do something worthy.

At the end of this great show by the kiddos, am looking forward to see them doing some concrete project in FLOSS. We are ready to help those who seek out help with all enthusiasm and a will to contribute back to the Open Source Community. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sterling Showcase

  1. konjam overa illa:P Expecting them to interact, prepare beforehand etc 😛

    Surely most wud hav come to the seminar to bunk classes. class ke therez no time to study due to various legitimate reasons n here u r , expecting them to prepare for a workshop 😛

    Wonder how much u did at college:D

  2. FYKI, nobody compelled the students to take part in the event. Its was their own choice to, participate and when they decided so its their duty to put in 100% efforts. It wasn’t an exam where they had no way out rather than taking it. We would have been happy if it wasn’t 160 of them but only 30.

    Open Source Technology can’t be learnt with books. One should spend time and effort to gain knowledge. With no idea of what Open Source is, what Free Software is, Whats Linux is…. its not wise to offer sarcasm.

    We, out of our own interest to help them went there. When we were coming forward to help them, leaving our work and weekend, they should in turn show involvement. I am nto meaning that they weren’t invovled, but we were sure they weren’t serious as much as they shld hv been.

    For some one who has no knowledge of what was hapenning and in fact whats Linux, it easier to make fun with sarcastic remarks. Its easier to show tounges out “:P”, but its not easier to train 160 students, stand with them and make them put up a good show. For those who have no such experience, its all trivial. For us, its part of our life.

    Coming to the last part of your comment, if you go and ask my teachers, you will come to know that I never bunked class. This was the same right from my school days. Secondly, I was very much invlovled in other activities. I was one of the few who put in personal invovlement into departmental activities. I was organizer of symposiums, single handedly brought out news letters and have done much more. And I din’t do these things hoping I will get something in return. Again, it is not wise to talk without knowing actual facts. 😐

  3. My God peace 😛 I never thought that i wud get sucha lenghty serious reply. cmon that was jus a joke n no sarcasm involved.

    But then of the 160 poor things, most came there not to attend the seminar but to bunk classs ur efforts may have been

    And and comments abt u, or those that may hav hurt u r taken back. Cool boss

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