Words of the Day – 6

Again, with new and interesting words in RD this month, the Word of the Day post comes back! 🙂

Prodigious : Adjective : Admiration or respect; big sized commaning respect.

Elucidate : Verb : Explain; make clear.

Vortex : Noun : Whirling mass of air/water/fire drawing everything into it.

Somatic : Adjective : Physical or material.

Resonance : Noun : Deep sound – reverbating and amplified.

Anomaly : Noun : Abnormal; unusual.

Debility : Noun : Weekend state.

Intrinsic : Adjective : Internal nature of a thing; charecteristic nature.

Obliterate : Verb : Completely destroy without leaving any traces.

Totemic : Adjective : Sybmolic; represntation of a larger group or body.

Artifice : Noun : Clever trick or skill.

Clement : Adjective : Having compassion; lenient.

Reconnoiter : Verb : Survey, reconnoissance.

Acquiesce : Verb : Submit; comply without protest.

Paroxysm : Noun : Sudden burst of emotion.


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