Linux Demo Day in Jaya Engineering Collge

Indian Linux User Group – Chennai (ilugc) and Jaya Engineering College are jointly organzing a major event along the lines of FOSS awareness drive. The event is called ‘ Linux Demo Day ‘ and its gonna happen in a couple of weeks. Further information follows here..

Linux Demo Day : Its one of the important event that ilugc has been organizing for sometime now. This is a very dynamic event, which makes n00b tuxians confident about their own skills. This is an opportunity for the young minds to work with experienced tuxians and participate in community efforts, which has been part and parcel of tuxian’s life. In this event, student volunteers are trained in a wide range of topics under the FLOSS umbrella. At the end of the learning period, which lasts for around 2 weeks, they put up a show of their newly earned skills. Stalls are put up in a huge auditorium or ground, each stall concentrating on one topic ranging from desktops and distros to kernel and networking. Thus almost A-Z of Linux and Open Source is covered in these stalls. The students are entitled to explain to the visitors, who vary from school kids, college students to general public, how FLOSS can be implemented to the betterment of their lives. Students have to face a wide flavour of audience who may end up providing them more info as well as some may test their patience. All together its a show of the ‘Freedom’ and ‘Desire to share knowledge’ of the FLOSS Community, but not from expeirences FOSS fellows rather by budding FOSS’ians. 🙂

Here goes a Mini-Poster:


Linux Demo Day – 19th and 20th August 2006

Venue: Jaya Engineering College, Chennai

Organized by: JEC & ILUGC

List of Stalls

1. FLOSS Philosophy
2. ilugc – Public Interaction
3. NRCFOSS – Public Interaction
4. GNU/Linux Distros
5. Desktops
6. Utilities
7. Multimedia
8. Editors
9. Office Tools
10. Education Tools
11. Linux Games (Development)
12. Visualization or Multimedia Development
13. Web Development with LAMP
14. Web servers
15. Linux Servers
16. Networking
17. Localization
18. Browsers and Mail clients
19. Linux Kernel
20. Linux Security
21. Linux Clusters
22. Virtualization
23. Wireless Tools
24. LTSP
25. Programming and Development (CLIs, IDEs and Scripting)
26. Graphics
27. Content Management Syste
28. Version Management System
29. Database Management Systems
30. CD Burning Stall



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