Opera9 – Mind Dazzling

I referred to online thesaurus to find a suitable word for expressing the expeirence of looking at Opera9, settling with the above “Mind Dazzling”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was reading this month’s LFY and there was a small article announcing Opera 9’s availability with Ubuntu. I quickly checked my Synaptic, whether it was there and still quicker in installing.

I had used opera indeed, after leaving Netscape and before settling up with FireFox, some 3 years before. Then, Opera was different but wasn’t as good as FF. This was enugh to convince me to go FF all the way. But, in the past few months I have been hearing good about Opera and I always wanted to try it out sometime. But, time has to come to make that happen and it came today.

I just returned after an exhaustive but satisfying stinct of awareness creation campaign at Jerusalem College of Engineering. And, after reading the piece of news in LFY, I really wanted to try it out immediately. I was awed by the simple yet attractive design of the browser. It just has what I would like to see; It just has what I will need to use, in a Typical Browser. And, it seemed to be a bit faster than FF. Now, am porting all my personal stuff that were my precious collections made for the past 4 months, into my Opera.

They have widget supports now, though I wasn’t able to download all of them (thanks to the poor network here), still I got a couple. You can easily move the widget over your desktop and it doesn’t occupy your precious browser space. To my excitement, I found a trash can.. and it says if we accidentally close a tab/window we can get them back from here.. lemme test… It does! 😀

Whats more?! Same tabbed browsing (which had become pretty common with browsers now) but it too doesn’t occupy my precious browser space. The tab is placed above the address bar. The iconised menu is simple and sweet. OMG! I have started to love O9 😀

There’s again the Opera Magic Wand, for password management and a few basic plug-ins having been available. I still need a flash plug-in (I won’t install one for Windows Media :D) The web sites are opening a bit faster, really. Can I have something like FasterFox to know how fast is it (So I can make a fair judgement of the speed with FF 😉 ) And, the most used feature of a browser, AFAIC, is the Bookmark and its manager. And I found it to be cool with O9. I could easily add folders and it din’t go to the wrong place as it happened many times with FF (don’t complain I donno how to do it right 😐 )

Still a lot to explore, in this ‘Re-discovered Heaven’. Hope, with a few days of full-fledged use, I will be able to produce a still better elucidation of Opera9 – Rediscovered to Glory! 🙂


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