Words of the Day – 5

This month’s RD is out and its time to present you with newer words. I wonder how guys remeber so many words, I find it hard to remember a few.

Grotto : Noun : Cave or cavern.

Sonorous : Adjective : Loud; resonating with sound.

Example : The hall was so sonorous that we couldn’t hear the announcement being made on the dias.

Solicitously : Adjective : with concern or anxiety.

Example; My wife solicitously listened to the flashback of my life, all over the night.

Idylic : Adjective : Charmingly simple; rustic.

Example : Their guesthouse was idylic in the mountain surroundings.

Abhor : Verb : to detest; regard with aversion.

Example : I humbly abhor the professor’s habbit of coming late to classes.

Quash : Verb : To supress or put down.

Example : The team management is squashing the passionate young players.

Morose : Adjective : Expressing gloom; ill-humoured.

Example : within our gang, his morose nature spoils the entire mood.

Fetter : Verb : To restrain; confine oneself to a place;

Example : She was fettered to her house because of her ill-health dog.

Proletarian : Adjective : Working class or wage earners who do not own any property.

Example : As he came from the proletarian background, he ended up with a majority vote in the election.

Megalomaniac : Noun : One who exaggerates his own importance; who is obessed with grand things.

Example : The director was such a megalomaniac that the entrie crew went mad.


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