Words of the Day – 4

Impertinent : Adj. : Exceeding one's limits of manners; improperly bold; saucy; over-spirited; charetcerized by exuberant quality.
Synonyms : pert, caucy, irreverent, extraneous, orthogonal, overbold, impudent

Example : The girl was impertinent to advice her mother.

Obliqueness : Adj. : Charecterized with a slanting or inclined position; sloping direction; misleading, dishonest, devious; evasive, indirect.

Examples : The deck of the ship has a slight obliqueness; The politicians talk was filled with obliqueness.

Conciseness : Adj. : Expressing more things in few words.

Synonym : Pithiness, succinctness.

Example : The professor's talk was a conciseness of his entire experience.

Pyrrhic Victory : Adj. : Sustaining staggering losses in order to defeat the enemy (Pyrrhic victory over the Romans).

Recuperating : Verb : Recoveting; returning to health or strength; restoring to original form;

Synonyms : Recoup, recover, convalesce.

Example : The Stock exchange is now stable, recuperating after the initial fall down.


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