Words of the Day 3

I happened to read this month's Reader Digest (RD) today. The word power in this issue was really interesting that I decided to blog a few of them.

Scion : Noun : Descendant or heir.

Example: The scion of the royal family helped the poor during the famine.

Tarry : Verb : To delay by making a slow move.

Example: The procession got delayed due to the crowd tarrying all the way.

Polemic : Noun : A controversial argument.

Example: The lawyer was careful not to make a polemic during the trial.

Sangfroid : Noun : Calmness; composure.

Example: The sangfroid of the surroundings made the courtyard admirable.

Desultory : Adjective : Uncommitted; inconsistent; lacking any purpose; unconnected;

Example: The fans got frustrated due to the desultory comments made by the comedian.

Sobriquet : Noun : Nickname.

Example: Red chick was a famous sobriquet of my friend in the school.


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