Words of the Day – 2

Introvert : Noun : To concentrate on oneself; one whose fealings and thoughts are directed towards his self; to turn inward upon itself; someone preoccupied with their own thoughts.

Synonyms : autist, brooder, creep, drip, egoist, egotist, lone wolf, loner, narcissist, nerd, oddball, self-observer, solitary, weirdo, wet blanket, wimp.

Extrovert : Noun : An individual interested in others or in the environment as opposed to or to the exclusion of self; a gregarious and unreserved person; sociable person.

Synonym : character, exhibitionist, gregarious person, show-off, showboat.

Sepulcher : Noun : Burial vault; receptacle for sacred relics.

Synonym : Golgotha, boneyard, boot hill*, catacomb, charnel, charnel house, churchyard, cold storage, crypt, eternal home*, funerary grounds, garden, grave, graveyard, headstone, marble town*, memorial park, mortuary, necropolis, ossuary, polyandrium, potter's field, resting place, tomb, vault.

Verisimilitude :  Noun : appearance of truth; extent of apperance of reality; appearance of the extent of credibility of a work.

Ex :  work has a high degree of verisimilitude means that the work is very realistic and believable that it is "true to life


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